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Weeks 2 & 3 - Editorial Styling Course

Well - a few more weeks have gone by and I'm learning as I go with this online course by Vivienne Mackinder!  Aside from the techniques (it's like being in school again all these mannequins and blow drying!!) I have the learning curve of what they are looking for in the photos I submit.  Week Two  was a difficult one for me with the Textured Blowdry especially.  The first assignment I did was the Roundbrush Twist (a blow-dry with a round brush to create more curl) and turned in these photos:

I received a 9/10 - if you look at the Back photo (right) you might see the hair out of place coming down from the top - that shouldn't be there.  It was also pointed out to me that the lighting needs to be more even.   Yeah....I can see that for sure.....

Now back to that Textured Blow-dry.  Not my friend, that's for sure.  It involved using the classic nine-row brush:


I, myself, am a Roundbrush girl - you know, the ones you used to play with of your Mom's or Grandma's that would get stuck in your hair playing "Hairstylist" as a kid? - and they are two very different tools!  Here's just SOME of my attempts at the Textured Blow-dry:

Yeah - go ahead and judge.  NOT my strong suit.  Hence, the practice!  I finally submitted these:

And you know what?  Yeah, that's right - 10/10!!!  Go figure! I can't be alone with this - freak out and convince yourself it sucks, you suck, you're going to get a horrible grade.....and then you do really well. *Facepalm

So, we'll go with "All my hard work paid off" and leave it at that!

Week Three:


By the time my reviews for Week Two had come in, I had already had two clients come in to help me out by modeling, but after hearing my review I took another look at my photos and wasn't satisfied.  Or, at least, I figured Vivienne wouldn't be either, so I got to work on some more mannequins.

#1 - Roundbrush Barrel

#2 - Roller Roundbrush

#3 - Ashley Blowdry

Week Three, three blow-dries (all with my Roundbrush) and I nailed it! 10/10 on each of them! So happy I trusted my gut and re-did them, even if it was on mannequins......

Week Four will be bringing about SETS!  Hot Rollers, Irons, Pin Curls, Finger Waves - it's about to get CRAZY up in here!!!  I'll be keeping you posted!

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