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The On-Going Saga of My Husband's Hair

Haven't shared much about hubby's hair for a while now. We last left him with cornrows, which actually lasted almost a month!! This was basically to buy the time for him to make a decision: to dread or not to dread.

He'd thought about having dreads and if ever there was a time, now was it!  His hai…

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Skills Canada Regional Competition

This last Friday was the Regional portion of Skills Canada Competition.  Basically this is an annual competition for students of ALL trades.  VIU is the host for our Regional competition at this level, which is intended for High School students who are registered in a Trade.  The gold medal winner…

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Changing Up a 'Fro

In my last post about Bryon's hair (you can read all about what I put my husband through by clicking on Hair Fun in the archives) we had finished a perm.  Here's where we let off:


It was just for fun, but we both ended up loving it more than we thought we would!  Even the comments from friends…

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70's Revival Time with Bryon!!!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my husband, Bryon?  He's pretty awesome and always looking to have some fun.  His hair's been getting longer and it was starting to annoy him.  His solution?  Cut it off; shave it down.  My solution?  Let's have some fun along the way!

So, here's where …

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Extensions for my husband????

Most of my clients have either met my husband, seen him puttering around or heard my stories  about him.  If you're not a client, here it is in short: my husband is a funny man, if not a bit odd in some peoples' minds (it's actually one of the reasons I love him - cue collective 'awwww').  So, when …

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