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Why Use Joico?

This last week I got to put on another "hat" for work.  Not many people know about this hat, as I only wear it about half a dozen times a year.  But last Wednesday I woke up a little earlier than normal (mornings like that make me appreciate my usual proximity to work) and headed off to VIU to do Joico Product Knowledge with one of the newer classes.

This got me YOU know why I choose to use Joico in my salon?  Did you know I am a member of J.A.G.?  Cool acronym, right?  It stands for Joico Artistic Guild - meaning that I took extra education in their colour line and products and am pretty exclusive to them in my retail and back bar (remember that term from a  previous post?  That's the stuff I use "behind the scenes")  But why did I choose them?  Let me share that now...

     1.  Their Concept:  The Art of Healthy Hair (as it was when I first joined - now they have a mantra of 'All for the love of beauty' and a  tagline of 'Turn Heads', which still work for why I love it)

I'm going to talk about their original theme of The Art of Healthy Hair, because that's what is was 10 years ago when I signed up and it's perfect.  It's an Art.  And it's about healthy hair.  It's that simple - be creative, push the boundaries but do it while protecting the integrity of the hair.  I have, and will again, say 'no' to clients when what they want to do will do damage to their hair (okay, keener stylists out there, I know - everything we do damages our hair, so I'm talking on a relative scale of damage).  

Take a look at this and tell me Joico isn't 'Artistic' (from their 'Visionaire' collection)

Or these? (from the "Hi-Def' collection)


Read this to learn about how their products help deliver Keratin protein goodness to every strand of hair, from the outside cuticle layer, all the way deep into the cortex.  Check out this chart of the advancements Joico has made in the care of your hair:



     2. Their Environmental Advancements: Packaging and in Manufacturing.

 a) In Packaging (and I'm going to quote the site for these cause it's all good info and specific facts): 

product-group-hero-shot"Here at Joico, we are at the forefront of materials production. In 2011, we will launched new packaging created from a hybrid bioplastic resin, making us one of the first beauty companies to use this new and innovative material. The new packaging is a composite of post-consumer recycled plastic and thermoplastic starch derived from plants, which unlike other bioplastics, will not contaminate recycling streams. As a result, Joico is reducing its packaging-related greenhouse gas emissions by more than 75 percent. This initiative is just one of many at Joico. We also manufacture bottles with up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic and cartons that use 100% recycled paperboard. We print information on the inside of our cartons to eliminate paper inserts. And we’re committed to finding new ways to shine bright, clean and beautiful…now and for generations to come."

You'll also see that the bottles are conveniently colour-coded so if you want the line for Body, it's all green, Moisture is blue and so on.  They're ergonomically designed to be easy to hold in the wet and slippery shower and they've also highlighted the word 'Conditioner' on the bottles as it looks just like the shampoo of the same line.  This is great for peeps like me that are BLIND without glasses and I don't tend to wear my glasses in the shower much.....

 b) Their Wind Project

turbines"Wind power is one of the fastest growing forms of new electricity generation in the US, which is why Joico has begun to invest in alternative energy sources to better our environment. We have installed two 364-foot wind turbines at our Geneva NY-based plant, securing us a spot on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 20 On-site Generation list and earning recognition by the American Wind Energy Association as one of the top on-site wind projects currently being undertaken by a manufacturing company in the United States. With approximately 6.5 million kWh of electricity produced annually, the wind turbines provide more than 60 percent of our manufacturing energy requirements and reduced overall CO2 emissions by 50 percent in 2011 and 100 percent renewable energy in 2012."

c) Carbon Offset Program

zotos-carbon-offset"We are committed to eliminating our carbon footprint and leading sustainable business practices; therefore we have joined forces with Verus Carbon Neutral to offset 100 percent of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from our manufacturing facility in Geneva, New York. We will completely neutralize our carbon footprint in 2011, making us one of the first US companies in the beauty industry to do so. Zotos supports many initiatives, helping to reduce carbon emissions locally and globally....By supporting these projects, we will offset more than 5,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions from the environment."



Does the product line you use do as much for our environment?  Did you notice the dates??  Joico is already offsetting 100% of their  carbon emissions!!!  Yay!!

3) The Joico Team

The people that work for Joico!!!  LOVE THEM!!  Not every Joico Artistic Director/Educator is the same - no cookie cutters here!  They each have their own personality and how they teach but each one shares the same enthusiasm and love for the work they do and the products they use.  The team has to be good - I'm part of it!! (Yep! I do some Product Knowledge for schools and salons!)

To finish off today, I thought I'd share a picture from 2010 when I went on a Caribbean Cruise with about 500 stylists.  That's right - Education on Vacation!  What better way to learn?!  Not only did I meet stylists from across the continent (including the two Newfies on the left we dubbed "Brashley" (yeah, that was back when combining names of two people was the really cool thing to do, alright?!) and that handsome devil in the middle is the fabulous Damien Carney, one of the Global Artistic Directors for Joico, an award-winning stylist and creative mind behind the new Structure line of styling products.  Oh, and he's really funny too....



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