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New Hours, New Rewards Program and New Prices!

There were some big physical changes made in the salon over the holiday season and now it's time to make some changes in operations of the salon. It's all happening July 1st 2015 and here's what you can expect!

New Hours

Trying to balance life and work is a struggle for so many people and I have struggled with this dilemma for years. Enough time in the salon; enough time to get those life chores done; enough time with my family and enough time for me - constantly trying to find a balance.

When things aren't working, you gotta try something new, right?! So, my new hours will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30am-5pm

That's right! 7:30 in the morning is when I'll be starting - good thing it will be summertime for the adjustment period - it's definitely going to be needed! 

So, I won't have evenings or Saturdays available anymore and I get it - there's going to be some clients that just can't make it happen. And I'm going to miss them for sure but, overall, this adds almost a full 10 hours to my work week over what I'm working now! This allows me one day for shop maintenance (supply store runs, cleaning etc) and weekends with my family and to get all those household chores done.

New Rewards Program

Salon Bucks will be done - there's a new kid coming to the block. Of course, I will still be accepting any Salon Bucks that clients may still have - there's no expiry on them but I know the new program will be a popular one!

As with Salon Bucks, there will be no cost to you but, one common headache with the Salon Bucks was holding onto them and keeping track of where you were stashing them. You also only received one when you pre-booked your appointment.  With the new Rewards Program there will be nothing for you to hold on to and they never expire. You can get rewards every time you're at the salon and spend a minimum of $20 - whether to get your hair done or pick up products and YOU get to pick the reward!

Your card stays filed in the salon and gets a stamp for every $20 you spend. Families in the same household can even all use one card to save faster. 

Cash in at $200 - Receive one free 300mL shampoo OR 300mL conditioner OR any styling product (value of $10-25)

Cash in at $500 - Receive (1) litre shampoo, (1) litre conditioner AND (1) styling product (value of $80-100+)

New Prices

Raising prices is always awkward. We all need to make a living and we all deserve to get paid what we're worth. I enjoy not charging people an arm-and-a-leg or taking their first borns (we don't really want or need more kids anyways); I have never wanted to be a salon that only an elite group could afford.  

That being said, I know my worth and it's been three years since I got a raise, so it's time. I use high-quality products and continue to educate myself, going to classes, seminars, buying books, dvds and webinars and these cost money but they also keep my brain on top of the hairdressing game. I have 11 years experience and am still charging less than most in town with a junior stylist. Consultations are always free, so don't hesitate to call and ask for a quote - most clients won't be affected more than $5-10.

Check out the new prices starting July 1st here

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