Your Best Hair with Thought and Care

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Extensions are a great way to lengthen and/or thicken hair, as well as add highlights/lowlights and fun colours without the damage of actually colouring your hair.

Your extensions are an investment - take care of them and you'll get the most mileage for your money.  Here are some basic tips and advice on the care and maintenance for your extensions:

  • Wash as infrequently as possible (sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is the best)
  • Don't scrub at the scalp and bonds/wefts too aggressively
  • Don't allow wet hair to tangle up (No messy buns - especially when wet!)
  • Pull into a loose, low ponytail or braid at night
  • Invest in a silk/satin pillow case
  • Try not to heat bonded or tape extensions directly with styling tools
  • Brush gently.   Hold the base of your hair with the opposite hand while you brush and start at the bottom and work your way up. Consider purchasing a brush specifically made for extensions (Jessica retails these for a minimal cost)

For more extensive information, please select the extension system you are interested in from the column on the right.  Each type has pros and cons and each client is different in what they find comfortable and manageable.  Please feel free to book a FREE consultation with Jessica-Hairstylist.