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Extensions to the Rescue!

Keeping this one short and sweet.

Tanya went to a salon recently (no, not mine and no, I don't know who/where.   I don't ask those questions - at this point it doesn't matter)  and wanted her box-coloured black, waist-length hair lightened.   After the colour went on, her scalp felt like it was burning.  The stylist said it was "fine".

No more long hair.  It went down the drain.  Along with many tears.

Tanya was quick on it and called all over the place, but everywhere said it would be 4-6 weeks and they'd need a consultation.  Well, I wanted a consultation with her too - would her hair hold up to extensions? I managed to squeeze her in for a quick 15 minute consultation the next day.

After determining that yes, indeed her hair would hold up, Tanya met up with Lilybelle Locks at the local Craig Street Market on Tuesday evening.  Caroline hooked her up with some quality Bohyme Gold, 22" straight extensions and the next week we were off and running.  

Total time for installing and blending 5 tracks of a braidless weave: 90 minutes.  The look of joy on Tanya's face and the note this morning of appreciation? Priceless.

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