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LISTEN to Earn a Client's Trust.

The biggest complaint I hear from new clients about their former stylists - and I hear it over and over, time and again - is that their stylist "just didn't listen" to them.  They asked for just the very ends to get trimmed and end up losing 3+ inches.  That's a problem.  Actually, it's a really big problem.  Especially for those clients whose hair is a large part of their identity.

Here's the dilemma:  the client wants to keep their hair long (usually really long!) but, as a professional stylist, you know that they really need to take a few inches to clean it up and get rid of all their dry, damaged ends.  So what are your options as a stylist??  Sure you can go ahead and just take a few inches off, it'll look better and the client  won't care when they see how healthy their hair looks, right?  WRONG.

They'll care.  They'll go home, maybe even shed a few tears and, more than likely, tell ALL their friends and family about your "butcher job".  After all, some people struggle to grow 4" in a year - they worked hard to grow what you just took away from them without a thought.

Well, here's a thought...

Leave that decision to your client.  What a novel concept, right?!  Now, I'm not saying that you should just go ahead and take the 1/4" just off the very ends right away either.  Try this - talk to your client.  Again, a novel concept, right?!  Get them involved in the choice they are making.  Let them know why  you think 3" is a much better option than the teensiest trim they are hoping for.  And, ultimately, do what they want.  They are now an informed part of the decision making process and will come to love you for it.   When I sought out testimonials from my clients there was a definite trend of "she listens to me" and "she lets me know what my options are".  Over and over again.  They respect you for respecting them and you earn their trust this way.

A tale from my own experience:

Caitlin started coming to me over 5 years ago.  Beautiful, long, natural copper hair.   And I mean LONG!  She was right upfront about her past experiences (most, not the greatest) of stylists taking too much off and her uneasiness of being in the chair at all.  I have probably never cut more than 1/2" off the ends, touched up layers and added a few little, face-framing pieces around her face.  Caitlin comes in a few times a year and the first few years I could always sense her tension.  But she kept coming back, forewarning me not to take too much, and getting a very light trim every time.

Her best friend even went to school to become a stylist and was mildly concerned that she wouldn't be allowed to get her hands in that gorgeous mane of Caitlin's.  But why would she want to?  She knew how her girlfriend felt about her hair - was it worth their friendship for one mis-snip?  So, Caitlin still comes to me (sometimes waiting weeks for an appointment due to scheduling differences).  Why?  Because I have always informed her of what we SHOULD do but have always done what she ultimately decided.  It's her hair.  She has to live in it, look at it and feel beautiful with it.

About a week ago Caitlin came in for her appointment and asked me to take off "more" this time. SAY WHAT?!  I asked her to show me what "more" meant to her and she held up her fingers with about 4" between them.  I was in shock and she looked at me and exclaimed herself, "I know, right?!"  To be safe, the first couple layers I only took about 2", brought them around her shoulders to the front, so she could see and inspect.  Nope, she wanted the next 2" gone too.  

It felt good to know that she trusts me and can relax and actually enjoy her salon experience now too.  Here's a pic she shared on Facebook that she took right after her appointment last week with the caption, "Loves it every time! You rock"  Thanks, Caitlin - it means a lot to me. 


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