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Changing Up a 'Fro

In my last post about Bryon's hair (you can read all about what I put my husband through by clicking on Hair Fun in the archives) we had finished a perm.  Here's where we let off:


It was just for fun, but we both ended up loving it more than we thought we would!  Even the comments from friends/family/co-workers was much more positive than most other styles we'd tried; it was surprising how well he rocked it.  Lots of names were given: "Hyde" - from 'That 70's Show', a red-headed Bob Ross and Bryon's least favourite of 'Carrot Top' (the comedian).

So, the 'fro stayed longer than we initially thought it would, but it was time to change it up, do something different ('cause that's how we Nemlanders - yes, that's my last name - roll).  

Onto Corn Rows!!!

I forewarned Bryon it would take a while and limited the number of rows (Bryon tends to be a bit of a complainer - love you babe! - so I didn't want to torture either of us).  It took a total of 1.5 hours and he gets a gold-star - didn't even complain once!  Even when I could see that when I got to his little hairs on his neck he was really uncomfortable, he still didn't make a peep.  So proud of him!

I hadn't ever done a full head of corn rows before this and had certainly never done braids on hair that short, so I was pretty happy, overall.  One thing I would do differently is sectioning the hair in my salon so the rows were even straighter in the back.  I'd also love to do smaller rows so that not as much ends poked out.

It has since been over a week and a half and the reviews have been mostly positive, although the 'fro would win in a head-to-head 'fro sho (see what I did there?!)  The only "name calling" has been that he's 'gangsta' which is just kinda funny if you know him.

Here's how it's looking today,  12 days in......


What do you think?  Ever had braids done and can identify with the way your neck feels immediately afterwards?  Any thoughts on what we should do to Bryon next?

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