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Testing, testing....Quantum Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

A couple years ago, an amazing smoothing treatment came out called the Brazilian Blowout.  And it was AWESOME!  Super smooth locks that were shiny, reduced curl and it made your hair so easy to manage!  Unfortunately, there were a few complications  and it was pulled from the shelf and replaced with Brazilian Blowout Zero.  I had my product replaced with the new formula, but it just wasn't the same.  Clients weren't getting the great results as they had before.  I've been wanting to find a new smoothing treatment ever since.  

Here, I embark on a trial basis for brands.  The first one up?  Quantum Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

I got myself a guinea pig to "experiment" on - thanks, Dee!! - and we got to work!  Here's Dee's hair when she came in - this tends to be what it looks like after a day of work....

The process itself was relatively quick and painless.  In total it took just under the 90 minutes they said it would take (Dee's hair is quite fine and medium-density).  Wash the hair, apply the first mixture (interesting smell, kinda fresh-ish.  very interesting look - creamy....and GREEN?!  Apparently it's the chlorophyll they use in it).  Keep hair combed straight, process for the appropriate timing according to directions, rinse thoroughly, apply second part of treatment, blow-dry and flat-iron (watch the how-to video here)  

We weren't sure how her hair would feel/look after having to leave the last treatment in her hair throughout this last stage, but ultimately we were both impressed with how she looked when she left!

It was soft and smooth and so nice to the touch!  Now, according to the instructions, you should perform this treatment at least one week before colouring your hair and we had Dee booked for the following week to take care of her roots (Aren't I sweet?  You can't see them in these pics!)

So here are two pics - the one on the left is what Dee's hair looked like when she came in and the right  is after her appointment with just the paddle brush (that's your wide/flat one) and blow-dryer.

So, as you can see, it hasn't been a miracle.  Now, having said that - Dee reported that her hair has been softer and more manageable.  It has been less frizzy, especially when she used a brush and blow-dryer, not so much when air-drying (but not close to the  90% which is what the product claims) and even I have to say that if I had just used a paddle brush and blow-dryer on Dee's hair before, it would have been bigger and frizzier than the picture on the left.  So overall, it did work - just not as we were hoping.  

I rate this product 5/10.   Time to keep hunting, I guess.....

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