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Weeks 4,5 & 6 - Editorial Styling Course

Wow!!! Time is flying by!  Have to be honest here, I'm finding it REALLY hard to fit this course with Vivienne Mackinder into everything else I have going on....especially as the styling gets more challenging.  I have already learned an immense amount and I'm not even half-way through!

So, I'm summing up 3 weeks here, which will finish up the setting portion of the course, with what I think you really want.....PICTURES!  So, I'm streamlining it today and just sharing my submission pics and the results of each.....

Let's go!

Week Four - setting with an iron (now this is with a marcel iron as opposed to a spring handle - the kind most people know/recognize)


Spring handle above on left; Marcel handle on right.

Barrel Curl Set

I, unfortunately, lost the original "front" pic to turn in (never said I was a whiz with a computer!), so I ended up having to use a pic in which the hair hadn't been properly touched up for the photo as I was just testing lighting.  I still, however received a 10/10 

Vertical Barrel Curl Set

I had to play with lighting quite a bit for these ones to really enhance the movement of the hair as the model's hair was so dark and overall I was quite happy with this look.  In the end I got an 8/10 as the shape of the hair (when you look at the silhouette) could've been more flattering to my model and I agree and can see what she was talking about - needed a little more oomph, especially the side and back views.

Vertical Curling

Overall really happy with this one, though it really was a challenge to roll the hair vertically through the sides.... ended up with 10/10

Week Five - this was a week of random sets that weren't using typical rollers and they were some challenging ones for sure!  Hairstylists will understand when I say..... FINGERWAVES!!!!!AAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHH!  LOL

Finger Waves

 This was my second attempt at Finger Waving, which was especially good since I had a bride coming in for them in about a week's time.  I got 6/10 for my mark as I could make the wave a more consistent strength, with more motion between ridges and, to be fair,  I"m not sure you could ever NOT need more practice with these guys!  At first, I was really disappointed (being the keener that I am) but when I looked over my grading sheet, I realized that my score was a "Satisfactory - keep practicing" I felt better.  One up would have been "Good - room to grow" and one down would have been "Weak - go back to basic technique and slow down".  For how often I do them, "Satisfactory" is actually pretty good, right?

Marcel Waves

 These waves were created using a curling iron, as opposed to rollers or setting the hair.  This....oh...this was a challenge!!!  I received another 6/10 - again, more consistency; even strength in ridges, even space between ridges, stronger wave motion and more balance around the head.

Pin Curl Set

 Whew! Back to my 10/10 scoring!!!!  Vivienne really liked this one from me....and so did I!  Beautiful retro look!

Rag Set

I LOVED this one!!!  Vivienne said she loved the front styling, for a fun, tighter rag set with an afro feel.  I loved how I got some great triangle shapes in the profiles and back, but they could have been a bit sharper.  Loved working with this texture!  I scored an 8/10

Week Six Hot rollers and velcro rollers!

Hot Roller One

Beautiful!! 10/10 scoring!!!!

Hot Roller Two

Yay! Another 10/10!!!

Velcro Roller

And finishing up - a 10/10!  Yay, Me!

Upcoming next is braiding and twists - looking forward to it as I have always enjoyed braiding.

Here's some other pics from these last few weeks to enjoy (no air-brushing has been used):

From my Barrel Curl Set, Week Four

Simply making the shot to black and white gives her an Old-Hollywood Glamour look.

Change the lighting a little and you have a stunning, more modern and artistic look, with the same hair style.

Live model with a variation of the Rag Set, Week Five


My beautiful client on her wedding day with her sister, sporting Finger Waves from Week Five.

Some shots of first attempts and end results of practicing:

Onward and Upward from here!!!

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