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70's Revival Time with Bryon!!!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my husband, Bryon?  He's pretty awesome and always looking to have some fun.  His hair's been getting longer and it was starting to annoy him.  His solution?  Cut it off; shave it down.  My solution?  Let's have some fun along the way!

So, here's where we started with Bryon:

His hair was still coloured from the last time we had some fun in the salon with his mane and I wanted a nice firm curl for what I had in mind, so we went with K-pak  Alkaline Perm for coloured hair.

 In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'll let you know a little something:  we were going for an afro!  We wanted it as big and voluminous as it could get!  So I used wee little rods (71 in total!) and a classic wrap with all the rollers on base (we want that hair to stand right up on it's own!)

 Some of those keen eyes out there will notice the colour pattern of the rods.  The yellow rods are the tightest/tiniest and the pink is the biggest (actually I've only ever used these colours on clients around their perimeters where there might be really short hairs - this was going to be FUN!).  The idea behind this crazy scheme was to get his hair to stay tighter around the edges (perimeter) so the 'fro would taper.

He didn't really complain at all throughout the process (but feels he could now successfully perform a perm - yeeeaaahh......any volunteers?? LOL) but the moment he was not looking forward to was the.....SMELL.  You'd think it was toxic gas or something.....(if you're reading this Baby, "I looove you!" ;) )

Here's a pic for you of his "anticipation":

Feeling better here, now that the bag is containing.....THE SMELL!

Processing is all complete!!  A sneak peek at the curl:

And, the final product (his first Instagram, I believe!!)......

What do you think?  Overall - we were both happy with the results.  We'll see how he does styling it after I taught him a few tricks today.  Now.....what to do to him next.....

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