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Extensions for my husband????

Most of my clients have either met my husband, seen him puttering around or heard my stories  about him.  If you're not a client, here it is in short: my husband is a funny man, if not a bit odd in some peoples' minds (it's actually one of the reasons I love him - cue collective 'awwww').  So, when he broke his foot a few months ago and was going to be off work for a while, he thought it'd be funny to grow his hair out.  Then he thought it'd be even funnier if we added extensions to his hair upon his return to work.  He was hoping for reactions such as, "Whoa! Bryon!! How long have you been off???"  What he actually got was a mix of, "Wow! Your hair's really grown!" "Is that really your hair?" of course, a whole bunch of questioning looks as well as complete non-flinchers (people that didn't even notice- maybe they didn't even actually know him?). 

We had to colour his hair to match the extensions we had around the house (we certainly weren't going out and spending the cash for him just to get a giggle for a day and, if you can believe it, this used to be his hair colour *ahem* from the *cough* last time we put extensions in his hair *face palm*)  All-in-all it made for a fun afternoon for us together getting it all prepped and he had a great time making people go, "hmmmmm??"

I think he has a surfer-esque look to him - what about you?  Leave your comments below!

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