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When Stylists Get Sick

Well, it finally happened to me. After 11 years in the industry I hit a physical roadblock and had to cancel a week's worth of clients. 

For a lot of people, sick days aren't so bad. Some people even get paid for those days they call in with the sniffles and there's usually someone your employer…

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New Hours, New Rewards Program and New Prices!

There were some big physical changes made in the salon over the holiday season and now it's time to make some changes in operations of the salon. It's all happening July 1st 2015 and here's what you can expect!

New Hours

Trying to balance life and work is a struggle for so many people and I …

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The On-Going Saga of My Husband's Hair

Haven't shared much about hubby's hair for a while now. We last left him with cornrows, which actually lasted almost a month!! This was basically to buy the time for him to make a decision: to dread or not to dread.

He'd thought about having dreads and if ever there was a time, now was it!  His hai…

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No Poo?

"Have you seen this no poo thing?"

Uhhhmmmmm......WHAT?!  That, my friend, is a somewhat surprising first line to a Facebook message from a client!

The rest of the message goes on to say she'd recently been reading and hearing about the 'no poo' method of hair care.  If you still haven't figured …

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Weeks 4,5 & 6 - Editorial Styling Course

Wow!!! Time is flying by!  Have to be honest here, I'm finding it REALLY hard to fit this course with Vivienne Mackinder into everything else I have going on....especially as the styling gets more challenging.  I have already learned an immense amount and I'm not even half-way through!

So, I'm su…

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Weeks 2 & 3 - Editorial Styling Course

Well - a few more weeks have gone by and I'm learning as I go with this online course by Vivienne Mackinder!  Aside from the techniques (it's like being in school again all these mannequins and blow drying!!) I have the learning curve of what they are looking for in the photos I submit.  Week Two  w…

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Skills Canada Regional Competition

This last Friday was the Regional portion of Skills Canada Competition.  Basically this is an annual competition for students of ALL trades.  VIU is the host for our Regional competition at this level, which is intended for High School students who are registered in a Trade.  The gold medal winner…

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First Week Results Are In....

Well, my first three submissions for Vivienne Mackinder's 16-week Editorial Styling Course online have been graded!  I'm happy with the scores I received and more so now I've learned what they're looking for, so I can get better results from here.

First - the "Denman Flat and …

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Continuing Education.....for life.

Wow - been slacking on this blogging thing, eh?!  Well here's a little plan to get me back on track.

In January I got to visit Mexico (my Mommy came with me - insert collective sigh *here*) along with about 800 other stylists/guests and people in the industry for an amazing week of education.  No …

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Changing Up a 'Fro

In my last post about Bryon's hair (you can read all about what I put my husband through by clicking on Hair Fun in the archives) we had finished a perm.  Here's where we let off:


It was just for fun, but we both ended up loving it more than we thought we would!  Even the comments from friends…

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Testing, testing....Quantum Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

A couple years ago, an amazing smoothing treatment came out called the Brazilian Blowout.  And it was AWESOME!  Super smooth locks that were shiny, reduced curl and it made your hair so easy to manage!  Unfortunately, there were a few complications  and it was pulled from the shelf and replaced …

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Why Use Joico?

This last week I got to put on another "hat" for work.  Not many people know about this hat, as I only wear it about half a dozen times a year.  But last Wednesday I woke up a little earlier than normal (mornings like that make me appreciate my usual proximity to work) and headed off to VIU to do

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70's Revival Time with Bryon!!!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, my husband, Bryon?  He's pretty awesome and always looking to have some fun.  His hair's been getting longer and it was starting to annoy him.  His solution?  Cut it off; shave it down.  My solution?  Let's have some fun along the way!

So, here's where …

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Extensions to the Rescue!

Keeping this one short and sweet.

Tanya went to a salon recently (no, not mine and no, I don't know who/where.   I don't ask those questions - at this point it doesn't matter)  and wanted her box-coloured black, waist-length hair lightened.   After the colour went on, her scalp felt like it was bur…

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Won't You Be My Neighbour?

Recently it has come to my attention that a local stylist has opened shop up close to my location.  Like, really close.  As in, right across the street.

I had no idea as there has been no signage to indicate a business, but my hubby and I had noticed an increase in traffic.  There's a few differ…

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Lighten Up!

So excited to share this HUGE job (just over 6 hours!) I accomplished this last week!

A little back story:  Alison is a new client that wanted to get her box-dyed, dark brown hair lifted back out to the blonde she'd been missing for a while (plus, this way,  she'd have matching hair colour with her…

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I said "Yes" to a Perm???

I hadn't ever met Vicky when she called to book a consultation.  It was either a haircut or a perm she wanted/needed to give her hair the lift she'd been lacking, so we booked a date for the next week and I prepared myself to tell her that it wasn't a perm she was after.

See, it's not that I don't…

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First month and my salon is GREENer

Just about a month ago I partnered up with Green Circle Salons to help reduce waste in my salon and, as their slogan goes, make beauty sustainable.

I couldn't be happier with the results!  Not only am I now able to recycle all those foils, colour tubes and excess product, I am saving ALL the hair f…

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LISTEN to Earn a Client's Trust.

The biggest complaint I hear from new clients about their former stylists - and I hear it over and over, time and again - is that their stylist "just didn't listen" to them.  They asked for just the very ends to get trimmed and end up losing 3+ inches.  That's a problem.  Actually, it's a really big…

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Extensions for my husband????

Most of my clients have either met my husband, seen him puttering around or heard my stories  about him.  If you're not a client, here it is in short: my husband is a funny man, if not a bit odd in some peoples' minds (it's actually one of the reasons I love him - cue collective 'awwww').  So, when …

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